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Merry FChristmas

Ho! Ho! Ho! It's Christmas! Yes, it's finally here, it feels like it's been a year, crazy. Today, there are two surprises. The first one is illustrated, the second one is an exclusive interview with Santa. And I'm pretty sure this one is going to blow your mind. First, take a look at this crazy illustration made by 5 of the artists we welcomed this year. So, do you recognize those characters? I know you do! And if you don't, that means you missed some of the wonderful comics we published, and if you have a knowledge-gap, read the text below the interview. Come on, let's do this ! 


-Santa, thank you for being with us today (we know you are super busy) first of all, what gives you this super power that allows you to distribute all those gifts we are waiting for?
-All year round, I'm working on bringing joy to the world. It takes a lot of time, but thankfully I have access to a Nespresso machine, cans of Red Bull, and the cold air keeps me awake. The heating broke down in 1984 and no repairman will come so far north.

-A lot of families are preparing your arrival right now, can you give us a tip: what are your favorite meals after getting down the fireplace 
-Many people leave cookies and milk, but most of the time I'd rather have some rum and a nice big cigar. I feel like the guy in Miami Vice on my sleigh with rum and a cigar.

-There's been rumours saying you became too fat to use the fireplace and that you're using slave-labour elves do to it. Is that correct?
-That's all scandalous lies, I never outsource, I never exploit people, I do all my own work, I have a stretchy body, like that guy, you know, the weird one, what's his name... Mr.Fantastic, that's it.

-What do you have to say to people who noticed that "Santa" is the anagram of "Satan"? No presents for them, uh?
-Polar opposites, I'm good. He's bad, and he smells of burning jockstraps

-What was your favorite illustrated FML this year?
-There's so much, I can't tell, those including animals are the best.

-Let's talk about presents shall we (that's basically the reason why I invited you today). In your opinion, why do the FML readers deserve gifts?
-They've been through a lot this year, they've been embarrassed, fallen into holes, been dumped, had things thrown at them, been hit on the head by flying objects, had bodily fluids all over…  let's just say they need a break, so I'll be taking good care of them. They deserve it.

-Even the guys with the "FIRST" comments?
-Oh no, they deserve to be tasered in the nuts.

-And special love treatments for those who are posting nice comment, right?
-Yes, they're my favourites… I'll name no names, but they'll recognise themselves. I just hope they keep on doing so, it makes the world, and FML, a better place.

-You're so awesome Santa. Hey! What did YOU ask for this Christmas?
-I want to get my FMLs posted, I've been trying all year. They never get through!

-Er, okay. I'll see what I can do. (In return, I'd love The Michael Jackson Experience on PS3. We'll talk about it later). Thank you so much Santa! Now there's just one thing to say :


Merry Christmas our dear FML readers



The illustration was made by :
-Meghan Murphy, check out her website, she's pretty and talented!
-Fernando Sica, check out his webesite, he knows how to speak spanish and he knows how to use photoshop! 
-Saeko Doyle, check out her website, she's french but she's awesome! 
-Ryan Kramer, check out his website, he's from Toonhole, how can you beat that?
-And the lovely Ida Eva Margrethe Neverdhal, check out her website, she created an Edward Unicorn. That just say it all. 

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