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Let's read this f*cking interview

F*cking goodmorning everyone, how was your f*cking week? F*cking great? That's awesome, because now it's time to enjoy this f*cking week-end, and you know what to do on every f*cking saturdays right? Enjoying a f*cking great illustration! Now that you did, let's read this f*cking interview shall we ?

-So ! Lynn, how are you f*cking doing ?
-Ha, Considering I'm 38 weeks pregnant I'm hanging in there! 

-Pregnant and doing such a naughty illustration? What are you, British ?
-I wish, at least I would have a cool accent then! I'm sure I'll regret some of the drawings when my kid is old enough to surf the web but hey why not live in the moment at the time 

-That's our leitmotiv here at FML. So, where do you live ?
-I currently live in the capitol region of New York State, but I'm originally from Washington State. Just moved to NY this past February.

-You're a lady, so I won't ask you how old you are. What's your job ?
-Ha I have nothing to hide. My current profession is being a housewife, which currently means I play video games, draw, cook and goof around. Before that I used to be a college student and worked as a coffee and tea specialist in the Seattle area. And somepoint in the next few weeks I'll be adding Mom to my job title. He is our first kid. 

-Tell us more about your husband.
-He is fricken amazing, named Ben. He's a mechanical engineer who  designs/ works on submarines. We met in college then got married this past January. He's the reason we moved to NY, for his job. We actually got the call to move 2 days before our wedding and moved 2 weeks's mainly thanks to him that I started doing a webcomic

-Tell us more about your webcomic !
-Well I have a little comic, that's pretty much a journal comic, though right now I'm in the middle of a story arc about Fun Zombies (Fombies) for the most part I color each comic in watercolor, which I'm finding out is not common. The idea when I started it would be to do little short stories in between the journal comics, which is part of the reason the comic is called 6 Color Stories. Originally I had planned to do the comic in marker, crayon, and whatever basic art mediums you'd find a kid using, but the watercolors ended up being a big hit.

-What (or who) are your inspirations ?
-What got me drawing a long time ago was a combination of high school French, Megatokyo, and Shaun of the Dead. My french teacher would make us draw pictures for every word and even make children's books. Megatokyo had some zombie arc, and I had really loved the Shaun of the dead movie, so I started drawing zombies for all my French homework including a children's story called Mon Ami Le Zombie. From that I just would draw a lot of zombie related things one of which was a series I did in college about a help desk for zombies that was a mirror of my experiences working at 24 hr housing help desk for students

-Sooo, let me guess, you like zombies ?
-Lol yes and no I used to really like them, but over the past year or so I started going away from zombies and moved to doing more of the daily life stuff. Mainly because I started doing art things for other people who didn't like zombies. And for current inspirations my top are Nerf This (Scott Ferguson in general), Girls With Slingshots, LAWLS, I Am Arg!, and way more than I can list. Been reading webcomics since I was 16 so I've got a whole folder of bookmarks.


-Would you like to make a book ? Or is webcomic enough for you ?
-Uh well I don't know. I don't see a book for 6 Color Stories anytime soon, but if people wanted it perhaps. I could see myself doing something like a sarcastic/ dark children's book. But considering I'm relatively new to all this I'd say it's a possibility, just not now. I'd actually like to re do the Mon Ami Le Zombie story but I'd probably do it in for an English speaking audience plus I know the current French it's written in is horrible. I do plan on making story/picture books for my son, which means he'll be traumatized from an early age lol.

-Why did you choose this story Lynn ? I see no zombies there !
-First reason was it was one of the least dirty/depressing stories on the list. Wow I really like those "/". Anyway. Second was I have a lot of friends in the military and a lot of them have experienced something similar. With this story, the mom's response that I came up with was actually my own sarcastic response to the story. Oh and my husband works with the military, so he really liked this story too.

-And thanks to him we'll ALL LIVE IN A YELLOW SUBMARINE, YELLOW SUBMARINE. Thanks Lynn, that was fun to do !




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  • I dont get it... But nice effort in the coloring, must of taken forever!

    #1 - On 12/04/2011 at 10:27pm by Not_You_Again

    See in context

  • Just thought you might like to know that "enjoying" was misspelled as "enjoing" in the 4th sentence. Great interview though.

    #2 - On 12/04/2011 at 11:40pm by fightingkittens

    See in context



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