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Toonhole Month: final part

Get the tissues out, and no, we're not going to get dirty, it's just that it's a sad, sad day. The Toonhole month is coming to an end, and I just can't imagine the (FML) world without my daily dose of emails from Mike, Ryan, John and Michael. Maybe I'll pretend to be a spam-bot and keep emailing them about life, Viagra and stuff, we'll see. Meanwhile, it's time to do the last interview. Today, we're welcoming Michael who put down together pizza, turtles and sex in one single comic. Damn, I'm going to miss those guys.

-Michael hello, you're our LAST artist for our Toonhole month! How sad! How did you guys feel about this (amazing) month?
-Sad...and joyous.  But mostly, it's been great!  It's an honor to f*** with people lives in a drawing.  We've been pretty fortunate and honored to have been featured for a whole month.  Of course people can make it last longer than a month by (shameless promotion) checking out our comics and animation at our site

-And I'm sure they will, as the FML audience is pretty awesome (most of the time). Tell us more about you Michael, we know every dirty little secret your friends were kind enough to confess to us, now it's your turn. How old are you?
-a/s/l (anyone remember AOL chat...anyone anyone?). I'm 28 and live in the house with Chris and John and a few other guys.  So we act like we're 19.  But we're cartoonists to that goes without saying.

-You have all the attention of the 12 year-old version of me (please, don't say anything creepy, that would be just.. creepy.)
-Oh man, if you have the money of the nowww you, and the impulsive buying habits and sense of humor of the 12 year old you, we'll make BILLLIONNNNSSSS with an audience like you.  Ask your parents permission, but send me all their cash and I'll mail you a crappy photo copy of any 2 comics and the side of my face pressed against the scanner glass.

-Tempting. Well, if we were in 2005 on AOL, you being a young lady, totally innocent and prude, me being an middle-aged man doing nothing but drinking beer I would be like "wat r u wearing doll?" but I won't ask you such an inappropriate question. If you want to answer, that's fine too. Are you working for Nickelodeon too?
-I'd always say I'm wearing one of these. No, I'm working at Six Point Harness Studios with John out in Hollywood.  We don't get free bagles at work, but we get donuts sometimes, and we get to watch netflix without it being blocked when we're doing more mundane tasks like inking a character, So it's a wash. 

-(Oh there's even a dog version, how nice.)
-(I know, super cute. And the commando version is almost serious enough to take out into the field).

-Why being an animator is better than being an illustrator?
-Being an animator is a double edged sword.  If you get to draw something super funny or cool or interesting, you get to get really specific and draw all these micro expressions and get to draw it multiple times.  BUTTTT, I think illustrators get more chicks than animators on average soooo...again, it's breaks even.

-Ah, if you wanted girls, why didn't you became a rock star? Plus your name is so charismatic, I know you'd do great.
-Why thank you.  Strange,  you're not the first woman who's said that to me in this week alone.  Maybe you ladies are right, I'mma pick up the keyboard or tuba and put on sweet solos. We'll see what happens. As a lady, fill me in, are names ever hot?  Just the sound of the name?  Make you want the last name and it be attractive.  Are there sexy names?

-Keep us informed please. We'd love to see a song about FML come up.
-The world needs this kind of deep insight.  Forget solving world hunger, cancer, the economic crisis.  We need to crack the code on sexy names.

-Yes, names can be very hot (I feel like this interview is going in some strange place. Well.) For example, Daniel is one hell of a name.
-Hmmm quite. (let's get back on track, hahaha, no mure snuggie jokes) 

-What are your inspirations ?
-I'm inspired by good food, cold brew, and people who exercise more than me.  As well as Looney Tunes, European and Japanese animation (they do stuff that's so soo different than the US and at a high level of execution, it's so refreshing), Mel Brooks, and golden age illustrators like JC Leyendecker and Dean Cornwell.

-And last question of the article, and of Toonhole Month. Why did you choose this story?
-I like pizza and I had just finished a comic with a similar set-up and was hoping to do a little copy paste job to save myself an hour.  Unfortunately it didn't work out and I just went to town and fell back in love with doing silly drawings.  So it all worked out.

-Plus NINJA TURTLEEEEES. Thank you very much Michael!




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