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Wanna date FML?

Aspirin slowly dissolving, messed-up apartment, your weak voice begging for the world’s volume to be turned down, yes, its hangover time. It’s surely happened to you once, remembering how drunk you were at a particular party where the drama took place. Maybe it wasn’t a big deal, you let your phone fall in the toilet, you puked on somebody's head or you French-kissed your same-sex best friend (and you liked it). But sometimes it's a little more complicated than that. That's what today's artist is going to talk about, everybody, please welcome Dennis!


DennisDennis is our first artist from New-York City (we're trying to find an artist from every city of the United States, will we find someone from Reno?). This 23 year old guy may surprise you with his job, as a matter of fact, we're quite some distance from every other artist's story we had so far. After he received an engineering degree from Cornell University, Dennis started his very first work as a full time management and strategy consultant.

Basically, he goes into a company (usually Fortune 500s) and tells them what they’re doing wrong, and how they can fix things. Believe us, you wouldn't make fun of this profession, unless you're afraid of travelling by plane, this could be your favorite job in the world:

"I travel 4 days a week. This past week I was at Atlanta, next week I’m going to Florida, and then Indiana, Missouri, California, and Alaska… I have so many airline miles I now get a seat with my name stitched on the front and two hot female strippers as personal flight attendants."

We understand why Dennis loves his job so much. Seriously, besides the plane-strippers, he enjoys solving problems, it is something he has been good at since an early age. He's even starting to think about creating his own company...


I see geeks shaking with fear: don't worry, this poor guy also has a life on the internet. His first experience was a blog, created in back 2002, which has grown a small fan base (not recommended for hotchickphobic people). A few months ago, he launched his current project with his roommate, and a girl that Dennis met online. The website is called Welations, it’s a place where users can read, write, and share articles and stories related to dating and relationships. The site is really exciting, and it’s a place to go and connect with different people and share thoughts and experiences.

"-As you may know we're pretty curious here, what do you like in all this crazy life?
-Money, alcohol, and women. Actually, I just want a really really fast car. Why does everyone get a fast car except me? Life’s not fair. Oh yeah, and I like to draw too.
- Right, life's totally unfair. Now it's time to say goodbye Dennis, but first there's our traditional last question. Why did you choose this FML?
- Just read it, it’s freakin hilarious! Reminds me of my Friday nights."



Ah, Friday nights... *sighs*. Thank you so much Dennis for taking part!


If you're not a hotchickphobic, here's the way to Dennis' blog:
And here's the way to Welation:


Want to be our next published artist? So get your hands off your date or your blow-up girlfriend, and put them on your keyboard and send an email to [email protected] including your name, age, and a link to your blog/website, or some drawings you’ve made.

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