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Today, I broke my mother's Tiffany lamp from the 1920's. Practically crying, I raced onto the computer to try to find one to order before she comes back in three weeks. The lamp is worth over twelve thousand dollars, and the only way I'm getting one is if I lived 90 years ago. FML


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On 08/03/2009 at 1:24pm - money - by someexplanationrequired (woman) - Canada (Ontario)

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I broke the lamp by complete accident. I was vaccuming my living room and I caught the edge of the vaccuum on the end of the coffee table, and the light went crashing to the ground. I did tell my mom, and she was initially upset, but the lamp itself didn't have any sentimental value, making the situation a bit better. It was a vintage lamp she got at an auction in France. Thank you for your concerns and comments, haha, I've learned my lesson.

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Today, I decided to visit my girlfriend who lives 20 hours away. Four Red Bulls: $11.50. Gas: $200. Driving halfway across the country to find your girlfriend in bed with another guy? FML


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On 08/03/2009 at 1:15am - love - by Tuck_My_Life (man) - United States (New Hampshire)

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OP here.
Yeah, so first off all of you who are bitching at me about the whole mastercard thing... I don't frequent this website enough to know which formats are enjoyable for those that do nothing and read this site, and those that do not. So if you're mad about that... I really couldn't care less.

I honestly don't know which part of this thing is worse though... my girlfriend (who is away for school) cheating on me, or a good portion of the web junkies on this site telling me that I'm making it up.

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Today, after 3 long hours of mowing the lawn with a rusty lawn mower, my dad finally decided to tell me that he didn't get any money out to pay me with. The reason? He didn't think girls could mow a lawn and was expecting me to give up. FML


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On 08/02/2009 at 11:52am - work - by aatomkins (woman) - United Kingdom (Essex)

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This isn't your average chore, I do those for free. No allowance, just a hourly rate for the hardcore jobs.

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Today, was my grandmother's funeral and we had to sing. My dad is a horrible singer, and I tried my hardest not to laugh, I turned red faced and tears were falling from my eyes. My step mother held my hand and said that she was in a better place. I couldn't hold it any longer. I laughed my ass off. FML


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On 07/29/2009 at 9:44pm - misc - by shewholaughsatthedead (woman) - Canada (Ontario)

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Hi everyone, person who wrote the FML here. There seems to be some sort of confusion going on around here, I didn't laugh because my stepmother said that my grandmother was in a better place, It was just the wrong thing to burst out laughing to...not that the funeral helped at all. And thanks to those who made nice comments and stupid ones. It made my day a little bit better 8D

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Today, I was at work doing phone computer support helping a woman with her computer. I asked her to close all her open windows. She deleted all the important company documents in the open folder instead. I got fired because "close windows" and "delete" have become "too technical" for users. FML


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On 07/29/2009 at 12:34pm - work - by pixelbaker (man) - United States (Missouri)

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The "documents" were basically just data sets pulled from a database stored on a workstation in the office. This workstation is not backed up. Yes, the company is full of morons. No, I'm not fighting it because this was the last straw of many last straws. I don't want to work for these idiots any more.

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Today, I went to buy lunch at a grocery store. The total was 3 pounds, and my card got rejected for insufficient funds. I fished about for change, and found I only had 2 pounds. A homeless man behind me in the queue then offered to give me the remaining pound. A homeless man paid my lunch. FML


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On 07/29/2009 at 10:24am - money - by faentalivetmitt (woman) - Norway (Oslo)

faentalivetmitt's comment about their FML

Hi everyone, I'm the one who posted this.
First of all. Of course I thanked him! and of course I could have gotten a cheaper lunch, I was going to in fact, but he offered, and insisted, so I accepted, and was very thankful. All of you who keep saying I'm a heartless bitch should have considered that I was commenting on the irony of it and that I was embarassed, instead of saying how my life sucked because someone was nice to me. I thought it was a funny story. I got the impression that many of the stories on this site are funny rather than tragic. I could of course have written he gave it to me and i was super thankful etc etc, but I thought that was kind of implied.
Oh and about the currency. My lunch was 31 kroner. But as I currently live and study in the UK, i'm used to thinking in pounds and thought that would be easier for the majority of FML readers. But apparently that makes me a fake, sorry guys!
And I do in fact give money to charity and homeless people. Not long ago I gave one man my last 8 pounds (this was in the UK), so he could buy a decent meal, figuring I would be OK until I got home 5 hours later.
So those of you who got the irony and embarassement, thanks!

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Today, I was at the movies. All of a sudden, the woman next to me starts laughing uncontrollably and talking to her friend during the movie. This continued throughout the movie, ruining it. I turned and whispered to my friend. The woman then taps me on the shoulder and yells, "Shut the fuck up!" FML


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On 07/25/2009 at 11:07am - misc - by fmlatmovies (man) - United States (Texas)

fmlatmovies's comment about their FML

actually all you haters out there, i didn't have enough room to put my response!
i actually turned to her and told her to fuck off and to take her annoying fat ass out of the theater because she was blocking the view for everyone and no one could hear the movie over her irritating voice that makes people want to dropkick babies!
that shut her up for the rest of the movie.

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Today, I turned 18. I thought it was bad enough that I had to pick up my own ice cream cake from the store, but then when I got home, my family discovered no more room in the freezer. They decided to eat it so it wouldn't melt. Without me. FML


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On 07/24/2009 at 2:13pm - misc - by BirthdayGirl (woman) - United States (Colorado)

Sirquo's comment about their FML

Alright, I'm the OP, and I left because I had a migraine and wanted to go lay down. I brought the cake inside and plopped it on the counter, since my parents said they would put it away. I did NOT have a party, and alright, my life sucks because I wanted an ice cream cake. I have no life, I have no friends, make you guys happy?

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Today, I had a job interview with an environmentalist organization. I got the job, my FIRST job, a great first job doing something I am passionate about. An hour after the interview was over, they called me back and asked if I was 18. I'm 17, and unemployed again. FML


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On 07/22/2009 at 4:32am - work - by taylrrina (woman) - United States (Washington)

taylrrina's comment about their FML

On the form they DID ask if i was legally able to work in the US and if I was 21 or over (for driving purposes only, this was not a requirement for the job), but no where did it ask if i was 18. I brought my resume to the interview, and had i not given them this resume saying I was a current student at my high school and Running Start, they would not have asked if I was 18 or not.
and to those scoffing about my greener practices and being excited about this job-- this was a great job making $9-$14/hr, anybody getting their first job would love to make $14/hr starting!
it really did suck day of, i was supposed to go in the next day for training.'

but i have another interview this coming week and life goes on :)

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Today, after work, I parked in the parking lot I go to every day to let heavy traffic go by. As I was about to leave, two cops suddenly yanked me out of the car and arrested me for "stocking," as they spelled it on the report. Some paranoid girl thought I was parking there every day to watch her. FML


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On 07/20/2009 at 12:24am - misc - by et510 (man) - United States (Georgia)

et510's comment about their FML

It was a parking lot for a grocery store. My car is a beige '82 300D Mercedes. I don't think it looks that suspicious. I've never been in a car accident in my whole entire life, then when I moved to Georgia, I was in 3 within my first year living here. I didn't cause any of them. If that happened to you, you'd understand why I park in a parking lot to let the traffic go by. I know it sounds shady, but after I explained this to you, does it still sound shady? Apparently the cops think so.

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Today, I found out my driver's license was suspended last year for a DUI ticket that wasn't paid. Apparently, someone had used my identity info to avoid the ticket on their record. The cops showed me the guy's picture taken when he was arrested. It was my brother. FML


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On 07/18/2009 at 8:45am - misc - by nicefamily (man) - United States (Georgia)

nicefamily's comment about their FML

for any interested - my brother didn't have a license because it had already been revoked for DUI's. he blew a 0.24 on 'my' DUI. he was about 40 lbs heavier and 4 inches taller than my license info, so the cops didn't care. i did tell them who he was, but i haven't seen him in years and have no idea where he is or if he's alive or not. i reckon every family has at least one loser to deal with.

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Today, I was going to check out my secret condom stash. When I looked inside, I found a note. The note read: "Thanks hun, I really needed this. Love, Mom". FML


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On 07/17/2009 at 11:54am - misc - by lawliet_L (woman) - Canada (Quebec)

lawliet_L's comment about their FML

1) it doesn't matter that i'm a teen or not.
2) i have a boyfriend i've been dating for about a year. so i'm not a whore. stfu
3) she didn't take any, and it was to the situation.
4) we talked about it and it's fine. because: 'if you wanna make love, use the glove'.
no joke she said that.
so i'm relieved

now gotta hide 'em from dad. XD
and yes my parents are together for the person who asked. :)

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Today, I quit my job because my company wouldn't give me the raise I've been asking for for 2 years. I just saw the ad on Craigslist for my replacement position. The starting salary is above what I was asking for. FML


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On 07/16/2009 at 2:50pm - work - by taylorgo (woman) - United States (Massachusetts)

taylorgo's comment about their FML

Hey all - Thanks for the comments... I did have another job before quitting and I did give my 2 week notice. I'm not stupid in this kind of economy. When giving my 2 week notice, my boss offered to match my current salary and I denied it. I then saw the craigslist posting for more money after I already denied what my boss tried to match for me since I felt it was too late and my new job paid way more.

Therefore the uneducated, stupid, and not doing well at my job part doesn't apply. However the undervalued, stupid boss does. :)

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