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Today, a man came up to me asking for my name. Thinking he was trying to hit on me, I rudely gave him a fake name. He thanked me and walked away. I continued to watch him leaving until I saw him ask another woman for her name and took out a wallet and showed it to her. It was my lost wallet. FML


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On 10/27/2009 at 1:44am - misc - by SummerTime98 (woman) - Canada (Ontario)

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I know it's my fault for being rude, but the man looked pretty suspicious, and had a flirty tone to his voice. I'm thinking he got turned off by my rudeness and just walked away without showing me the wallet, and since the other woman was more friendly, he showed it to her. I don't carry my ID in there, I leave it in my car, it had my money and bank cards. He probably just read the name on my bank cards and decided it was female enough to just ask women. Yes I got my wallet back but after I spent more than 3 hours trying to convince him it's me and he made me give him $50!!

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Today, I realized that sometimes I forget to turn off my desk light when I leave the room for dinner. I also learned that said desk light can get hot enough to melt plastic, which is why my brand-new laptop screen was literally oozing onto the table top when I got back. FML


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On 10/22/2009 at 5:00pm - misc - by iplaytwister (woman) - United States (Virginia)

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OP here. Technically this happened almost a year ago, and I wrote the FML from my new(er) laptop, which is a mac. It WAS true, and the desk light was a regular desk light, I had it like 8 inches from the screen (Toshiba laptop), and it melted the plastic all around the corner of my screen and onto my screen. When I rescued it, I could see into the cords and everything inside. so yea.

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Today, I told my dad that for Halloween I'm going to be an '80s workout Barbie. He just looks at me and says, "Yeah as the 'before' picture". FML


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On 10/22/2009 at 2:47pm - misc - by freshman15 (woman) - United States (Missouri)

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Ok. I am the OP.
I used to 116 lbs and i gained a little weight in college and now I weigh 134lbs. I don't think that is fat and I dont appreciate being called that. But I know by sharing my funny story I run the risk of getting these nasty comments. The nasty comments definitely made my excitement from gettign posted vanished but I will get over it. When my dad said this comment to me I laughed very VERY hard. My dads a funny guy and I didnt take it personally because I love my body and I am comfortable which is all that matters. I posted this story to make other ppl laugh because I think laughter is the best thing in the whole world. I chose this costume because it cost me $10 and i wasnt going to spend $60 smething on something skanky like every other college girl (sorry for those who arent i dont want to generalize). And for the record there is not and never was and spandex involved in the making of this costume. Im wearing an oversized sweater and shorts, tights, legwarmers (etc). Halloween on a budget ppl. So to those who made nice comments, thank you I just wanted everyone to laugh. And to those nasty mean ppl who have nothing better to do than bring ppl down, sorry you think 134lbs is fat and I'm sorry there arent other things that make you laugh besides hurting ppls feelings.

Kirstie aka freshman 15

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Today, I woke up at 3am after 2 hours sleep to get to my 7.40am interview with the Air Force. I went through a full medical check, a psych test and an interview with military personnel, was there for 7 hours with no food and only water to drink, only to be told I wasn't suited to the position I applied for. FML


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On 10/20/2009 at 1:43am - work - by Fail. (woman) - Australia (South Australia)

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Woah, okay. Let's go.
MEPS - I don't know what the hell this is, but it doesn't exist in Australia.
Qualifications - You could have all the qualifications in the world, and still not be suited to a position. It's sad, but it's true. The OP said nothing about qualifications, and pretty sure general entry into the Australian Defence Force only requires you have your High School Certificate.
Sleep - Perhaps nerves kept her from getting a good night's sleep. Understandable if this job meant a lot to her.
Preparation - Sometimes, no amount of preparation can quell one's nerves, particularly with things of great personal importance.
Time - I have had an ADF interview, and on the letter it says the process should take four hours. Also, you have no choice about what time your interview is.
Food - The OP obviously believed that it wouldn't take much longer than 4 hours, so didn't feel the need to take any food. When I had mine, there was no food available for interviewees, only tea and coffee. And I, for one, was too worried that I would be called to one of the interviews while I was out if I went to get food somewhere else.


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Today, I told my sister that I thought I was pregnant, and that she was the only person I had called. Immediately after I hung up the phone I got a text saying, "OMG my sister thinks she's pregnant!" FML


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On 10/19/2009 at 12:47pm - health - by Misc248 (woman) - United States (Florida)

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We can laugh about it now because it turns out I wasn't pregnant. But now I know I can't trust her with information like that (unfortunately).

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Today, I was out for a nice walk and saw a man being attacked by a large crowd. Instinctively I ran to help him. I pushed one "thug" off him and that little time allowed him to escape. I later found out the man I saved had just keyed someone's car and they had intervened. Guess whose car. FML


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On 10/18/2009 at 12:35pm - misc - by Helpy (man) - United States (Ohio)

Helpy's comment about their FML

This is the OP. 1.My car got keyed. 2. Sorry I still have morals and actually help people. I'm not afraid to stand for what I believe in. 3. Idk it was a spur of the moment descion. I thought by the time the police came he could be seriously injured.

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Today, I went to the military base to save $10 on a haircut. On the way out the gate, the glare of the sun blocked my view of a star barrier. Instead of saving $10 on a haircut I now owe a $500 deductible to fix my car. FML


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On 10/16/2009 at 11:35pm - money - by drstrnj (man) - United States (Utah)

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so because I am in the Army I can't use an Air Force Base to get a hair cut????

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Today, I woke up very hung over after a big party last night. As I walked into my kitchen to make something to eat, I noticed a weird smell. Turns out my friend had thrown up in my freezer, and then turned off my whole fridge so "it wouldn't freeze and be hard for me to clean up in the morning." FML


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On 10/14/2009 at 9:16pm - misc - by Pimp53X (man) - Australia (Australian Capital Territory)

Pimp53X's comment about their FML

haha, well i was annoyed at first, but he is one of my best mates. And i couldn't say that i had never done something really stupid why'll drunk....not as bad as what he did but still bad =P. We talked about it the next day and at the time he thought it was a good idea to turn of the fridge, but once sober he relised like poster #10 did, that frozen puke would have been easier to clean =P. I'm currently eating most of my meals at his place until he can A) get rid of the smell and disinfect the whole thing. Or B) buy me a new fridge. How would you guys have gone about it?

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Today, I accepted a great job offer I've been working months to earn so I can continue to live with my fiancé here in Poland. I just found out that my work visa was denied. Now I have to fly home to Canada and reapply before coming back. This takes a month. My new job starts tomorrow. FML


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On 10/14/2009 at 6:03pm - work - by zlotytarasy (man) - Poland (Warszawa)

zlotytarasy's comment about their FML

For those saying the OP (me) is 'YDI,' you might be reminded that visa rules change frequently and are often subject to interpretation. Lawyers and authorities don't always agree on what the law means. Application of the law sometimes gets a little subjective. Getting married doesn't quickly solve the problem either.

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Today, I got home and realized that I didn't have my keys and my mum had said she wasn't going to be home till the next morning. After a long wait I decided I'd have to break a window to get in. Almost immediately after closing the door I watched as my mum pulled up in the driveway. FML


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On 10/13/2009 at 1:28pm - misc - by Anonymous (man) - United Kingdom (Havering)

cheeraio92's comment about their FML

this was my story. in response to some of your questions, i broke the window pane in a door. so i reached in and unlocked the door, letting myslef in.

by the way, some of these comments are genious, i LOL'd

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Today, the traffic court judge didn't believe my three witnesses and two security cameras that proved I was innocent. He claimed a cop would never lie, and that the dashboard security cameras, which the cop brought in, were somehow edited by me. I was fined $1,000 and my license was suspended. FML


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On 10/09/2009 at 9:58pm - misc - by thelistman (man) - United States (Illinois)

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Also, for the whole story, I had three other people in the car with me when I was caught "running a red light" by 2 cops who were both behind me. I was clearly in the middle of the intersection when the light turned yellow.

I have a feeling that the judge was in a shitty mood that day. This was my first ticket I've ever received, and I've been driving for seven years. Even if I was guilty, I don't know why my fine was $1,000 with a license suspension when the original ticket was $75, and no other tickets on my record. This judge is going down.

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Today, I went to the mall to pick up the 1 carat diamond my husband recently purchased for me after 6 years of being together. My mom called, I answered my cell. Later, I realized that the baggie with the diamond was no longer in my pocket. It fell out when I answered my phone. FML


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On 10/09/2009 at 3:51am - money - by jeffswife (woman) - United States (California)

jeffswife's comment about their FML

Lol! Despite all the mean comments, I thought I would clarify a few things. #1 I am completely aware that I deserved it. #2 The whole reason I had the diamond in a baggie in my pocket was that I had JUST picked it up from the store. We were not buying their solitaire mounting, because I already had another setting picked out at a different store. #3 My mom was babysitting my son, and had taken him on an hour long drive, so I was waiting at the mall for her to come back, she would call me when she got home. I went across the way to the Apple Store, and I was only there for about half an hour when she called me, and I took out my phone. #4 I don't own a handbag! I'm not a girly girl and I hate purses.

The good news: I filed a police report to get the footage from the Apple Store. They caught the person who didn't turn it in. =P KARRRMA. They had already sold it, but my insurance is replacing it.

Also, anyone who thinks this is something to get divorced are ridiculous. =] My husband and I are very much in love, and we have a beautiful baby boy together. These are petty little things. Money comes and goes, and it is not worth fighting over.

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Today, I was running late and realized I had locked my keys in my car. Frantic, I threw a rock through the drivers side window to retrieve them, just before noticing the passenger side door was unlocked. FML


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On 10/04/2009 at 1:17pm - misc - by Britters89 (woman) - United States (California)

britters89's comment about their FML

yes, I definitely failed..... I had an exam at 10:00 and thought it was 11:00. Professor locks the door at the beginning, and I would have failed the class if I was late. Fortunately, my brother repairs windows, so i ended up getting it fixed for free :)

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