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Today, I called my girlfriend's parent to ask for her hand in marriage. They were shocked and told me that they would have to refuse. Apparently my girlfriend had told them last week that she had met someone new at work and didn't know how to break it off with me. FML


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On 09/04/2009 at 3:39am - love - by Anonymous (man) - Korea Republic of (Seoul-t'ukpyolsi)

robocop123426's comment about their FML

Hi, I'm the author of this post. There are a few things I would like to clarify.

First, I am from the south, and it is considered respectful to ask the father for his daughter's hand in marriage. This is usually just a formality, but it shows the parents a lot of respect. This is usually done in person. This has nothing to do with viewing someone as property. This was just a gesture of goodwill to her parents. Nothing more.

Second, the reason I didn't ask them in person is because I am stationed in Korea for the next year and I won't be able to see them until sometime next year. I WAS planning on asking my ex when I took leave in November so I thought asking over the phone would be ok. But as you can imagine, that isn't going to happen.

Third, the idea of us getting married was her idea. I have been in the military 6 years now and I know what deployments do to relationships. I cared a lot about her and to be honest I still do. This actually happened about 3 weeks ago and it is still shocking since we were together for over 2 years.

But, after reading a few of the post on here, I understand it could have been a lot worst. She could have totaled my car or killed my dog. So thanks for all of the well wishes, I appreciate it.

For those who laughed at this and said that sucks, you know, your right. It does suck. And yes my life sucks (for now)

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Today, I was following my dad while texting, not really watching where we're going. Suddenly, he ran ahead and I looked up to see what he was doing. We were in the men's bathroom. There were 3 guys at the urinals. I'm a 15 year old girl. FML


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On 09/03/2009 at 7:14pm - misc - by iTerrify (woman) - Canada (New Brunswick)

iTerrify's comment about their FML

we were driving to a different province and had stopped at a gas station. I had plenty of time to spend with him on a 13 hour drive. I was texting people I wouldn't see for awhile. jsyk ..

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Today, I told the guy I have been sort of dating that I want to connect emotionally before sleeping with him. He told me that he already had an emotional connection with his fiancée and was only interested in sleeping with me. FML


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On 08/31/2009 at 11:56pm - love - by MenSuck (woman) - United States (Florida)

mensuck's comment about their FML

Just to clear the air:
1.I'm not a slut, obviously, since I didn't sleep with the creep
2.I did not know about the girl
3.Sort of dating means: going on dates, kissing, holding hands, but not boyfriend/girlfriend (aka that weird stage when your facebook relationship status goes blank or to it's complicated)
4.Trust me, I ran very fast, and there were no obvious warning signs
5.Thanks for reading.

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Today, I checked my bank balance, to make sure that the last installment of my funding had been paid in, and realised that I'd been overpaid by £500. So, being honest, I told my boss about this. Turns out, I wasn't overpaid by £500, I was overpaid by £1000 and need to give it all back. FML


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On 08/31/2009 at 5:00am - money - by anon (woman) - United Kingdom (Edinburgh)

little_apple_red's comment about their FML

Hi, I'm the OP and thought I'd clear this up a bit... I mean, you can't fit much into 300 characters, so I can see why this is confusing...

The university keep £500 of my funding to cover the costs of my project, that's why I was never meant to get the last installment of £500 in the first place - but I didn't know that. Yeah, I probably should have just kept it to myself, but meh, I'd feel too guilty as my boss is such a nice guy.

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Today, after two years of dating, I gave my virginity to my boyfriend on my birthday. It wasn't as all like I dreamed about; I dreamt that I wasn't allergic to latex. FML


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On 08/30/2009 at 12:16am - love - by arsewipe92 (woman) - United States (Michigan)

arsewipe92's comment about their FML

Boy, was my first time memorable. Still, when I recover, it's all bareback for me, I guess. :/

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Today, I came back from a two week vacation. As I walked in the door, my boyfriend greeted me with a "Hey, honey! Could you clean the crockpot?" It still had the chicken in it from my going away dinner. FML


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On 08/29/2009 at 7:44pm - misc - by ClydeBarrow - United States (North Carolina)

ClydeBarrow's comment about their FML

He refused to go with me on vacation because he said that Italy was too hot. You can ask him why he didn't want to go.
I put the chicken in a container and handed it to him because I figured if he wanted to keep it lying around the house while I was gone, he wouldn't mind eating it while he was finding a place that would take his lazy ass in.

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Today, while at an amusement park my husband left me to walk with all of our friends because he said that I moved too slow. I'm pregnant. FML


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On 08/26/2009 at 1:08pm - love - by lilbit (woman) - United States (North Carolina)

lilbit09's comment about their FML

ok...first...this trip had been planned by our church almost a year in advance, so everyone already had their tickets to go.
second...there were about 5 other people in our group that didn't like riding rollar coasters so we all went on the boat rides and the train rides, and to the shows. options were go to the amusement park and hang out with friends all day, or sit at the office for half the day and then go home by myself and do nothing.
fourth...i don't understand how deciding to have a child with your husband makes you a slut. can anyone explain that to me?
oh, and by the way being pregnant may make you slow, but it doesnt make you boring. boring would have been staying at the house doing nothing all day.

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Today, I was supposed to be picked up by my date. I haven't got my license yet, so all my dates have to pick me up. He never showed. He also didn't bother to text or call that he wasn't coming. Neither did the five other dates I was supposed to have this summer. FML


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On 08/25/2009 at 2:52pm - love - by sabbydutchgirl (woman) - United States (Ohio)

sabbydutchgirl's comment about their FML

First of all, I am 19. I don't have my license because I have nobody at home who will take me driving. My dad works 3 jobs and my mom doesn't want me to leave and move out. Secondly, my 6 dates are between 2 guys.
For the first guy, we'd set a date, he wouldn't show, and then we'd chat and THEN he'd give me some excuse. After 2 missed dates I let 2 months go by and we'd try again. For the second guy, he had legit excuses for missing and understandably explained them to me later. He at least apologized for missing.

But still, 6 dates planned this summer and not one of them happened and I was completely in the dark when it came time for them to show up. I take full blame for allowing myself to think that maybe they'd show next time. When trapped at home, any chance to get out is reason for hope, even if its with a jerk.

I'm also sorry to disappoint some of you, but I'm neither a HO nor a SLUT. I'm just a very foolish, lonely person.

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Today, I caught my dad squishing my stick-on bra cups in his hands, trying to figure out what they are. He's an engineer who graduated from MIT. I still don't think he knows what they are. FML


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On 08/23/2009 at 5:35pm - misc - by Kegronauer (woman) - United States (Florida)

Kegronauer's comment about their FML

haha the comments are all great. I'll clarify a couple things:

1) I accidentally left my stick-on bra cups in a main part of the house where he easily found them

2) I was embarrassed that he found them and that I caught him but I couldn't bring myself to say anything.

It's "FML" because my dad was squishing my bras. It's "YDI" because I left them out where he found them.

I decided it was better to not embarrass both of us by confronting him and explaining what they are, so I just pretended I didn't notice and left the room.

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Today, the girl I have been dating for the past five years asked me to move to California with her to get married. Naturally, I was thrilled and said, "Of course, when do you want to leave?". She just stared at me blankly and said, "Shit, I was kidding." FML


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On 08/21/2009 at 2:48am - intimacy - by axsmith01 (woman) - United States (Washington)

axsmith01's comment about their FML

Today, it turns out I am the only bi-sexual woman in the world who doesn't know same-sex marriages in California are no longer legal. Double FML

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Today, at work, there was some teenage hoodlums outside in our parking lot. When I tell them to leave, one of the bigger guys steps up and says "I'll kick your ass!". I yell "No balls!", to the teen. He then whips me to the ground and sits on my face, proving to me that he did. FML


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On 08/18/2009 at 12:24am - misc - by noballs - United States (Kentucky)

foxtmac218's comment about their FML

this was me and no they were like 17. im 19 and my boss told me it was bad for buisness to have them loitering in our parking lot so i told them to leave. when i said no balls i figured he would walk away. the guy was strong as hell

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Today, I showed up at work and a coworker pointed a gun at me. After twisting his arm and leveling his face into the wall, I found out it was a lighter. Now I might lose my job over his stupid joke. FML


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On 08/17/2009 at 4:02pm - work - by Fibericon (man) - Taiwan (T'ai-pei)

Fibericon's comment about their FML

Wow, didn't expect this many comments. I talked to my boss about it today. The coworker had actually lodged a complaint, but conveniently forgot to mention the whole thing about a lighter that looks like a gun. He doesn't work there anymore.

The main reason I thought I was going to lose my job was that he had worked there for a lot longer than I had. I've been there less than a year. I was worried that he could have said anything he wanted and I'd end up with the shit end of the stick just because I was new.

As for whether or not I over reacted, maybe I could have taken a moment to analyze the situation, but it's not like he was trying to take my wallet or telling me to do anything. He silently pointed a "gun" at me. The last time I spoke to him I had said to him was that his English sucked and he shouldn't be teaching (I work at an ESL institute). The next time I saw him, gun in the face. I asked a cop friend from the states about it, he said if someone pointed that at him they'd get shot.

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Today, after running late for work, my boss called me into his office and asked me why I was wearing a uniform shirt that said Amanda. My name is Rob. Amanda is my fiancé, who works for the same organization at a different location. Employees are prohibited from dating each other. FML


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On 08/17/2009 at 11:14am - work - by Anonymous (man) - United States (Virginia)

SoonFired's comment about their FML

Wow, my first FML post. It's actually a government organization, dating is prohibited because of "Conflict of Interest." We are close to the same size physically. We both wear the middle of road medium size. In all reality, its our last names on the shirt, but it still sucks.

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