By Smokey9 / Monday 25 July 2011 15:12 / United States
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  PutItIn  |  8

That's what happens when you're too cheap to Italian wax.

  saaaalt  |  4

Everyone stop by and get your non flammable pube hair $9.99 per inch for a limited amount of time! A deal you can't turn down!

  FarSide  |  22

Good thing it only last for about an inch

  issoz  |  10

Dude!!? You serious?! Thank you. Damn it's absolutely amazing how strangers give you the most easiest ways of getting rid of that bush, I got tired of trimming it!!

  kroekdog  |  7

haha nice one

  sheisdagirl  |  0

hahahaha so tru so what were u doing for that to happen masterbathing with a lighter and didn't realize it was near ur area...? or were u fucking it? cauz that would leave a nasty burn?


Masterbathing? Is that what happens in a master bathroom? What happens in the master bedroom, then?

  CryMoreFMLs  |  14

This might be the second time he's done it..... The FML says "STILL Flammable"..... In which case, YDI OP because unless you have pubic hair made of onyx it is going to catch on fire....

  noel_ani  |  0

it did haha! :)

  BaconDave  |  12

OP's name goes with every FML, everyone notices. Stop being an attention whore.

  sockmunky  |  3

wow 88 i didnt know me saying a simple thing made me an attention whore...thanks for clearing that up for me & your profile says you dont want to argue...so why insult someone? fucking dumbass

By  gofferurself  |  10

why do you know this?

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