By fire1 - / Tuesday 25 October 2011 04:30 / United States
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  cmack11  |  0

So much for medical privacy

  MyEpicDemise  |  7

This makes for a really messy orgy. 3guys1ambulance anyone?

By  lizard399  |  0

Hey, you signed up for it..
Haha that's so gross though

  lizard399  |  0

Um yeah, wouldn't you figure you'll see some disgusting things? Pick body parts up from the side the road and what not? That comes along with your important life saving job don't it? You fucking idiot, always jump to assume someone's insulting you.

  SeedlessMe  |  13

81- I'm pretty sure she meant 'trained' (and 'lives') not that makes her appear much more intelligent.. But she's still out there being nobel, so you really shouldn't talk shit. You most likely will need them one day, you know :]

By  mrbattleman  |  10

I think I have to say this before someone else beats me to it: that sounds like a "shitty" situation!

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