FML - The follow-up
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So actually, this is my FML, but i didn't know if it would let me do a follow up since I have a different user name. So now to tell the whole story. My brother was very young and my family isn't big on alcohol; the most they drink is during the holidays when they're with family. Anyway, The church basically exiled us because they thought we were all raging alcoholics. I just heard mom telling the story and thought i would post it. it goes to show that kids really will say the darnest things haha
By ChiefKoala - / Sunday 17 January 2016 16:07 / United States - Harriman
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I honestly don't know why he said that. We aren't big on beer or any other alcohol. I have some now because i just turned 21, so I'm trying out different beers. Not all at once though.

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