By Shock - / Monday 21 March 2016 20:12 / United States - Littleton
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By  CheekyRaccoon  |  27

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By  olleekenberg  |  20

why did you have to assist in that? anyways. we feel you OP!

  thesmeagol  |  22

Most hospital security has to help restrain patients, aswell as take bodies to the morgue, deal with the drunk people who get blood tested, and other things of the sort.

By  HeartYou101  |  31

Is that not a bit of a rude thing to say about someone? It's not the man's fault he's not well endowed...

  HeartYou101  |  31

I did actually. I also know what a worm looks like and it's not exactly the biggest animal in the Animal Kingdom, nor the nicest complement to give to someone's penis. I just think it's bad form he's making fun of a patient who needed to go to hospital to get help and not have some asshat security guard making fun of his wang.

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