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Report him to a higher up. Explain the story, and if they don't believe you, ask to check the cameras. One of them ought to show that he isn't present and working with the customers. I hope everything goes okay. Don't let him get away with that behavior!

I don't see how your coworker even thought an hour break was justified, much less coming back at closing. Where I worked, for an 8hr shift, alls we got was a 30mins break, and a 15mins one, and these had to be separate. This was all they were required to give us by law, so it's the max we were allowed to have, we weren't allowed to use more. If a coworker ever said to any other, "I'm taking an hour break," the response would be "that's not allowed, you'll be back here in half an h


You work 12hrs, 6 days a week, I assume that's what 12x6 means, of course you will get more or longer breaks. I said for a regular 8hr shift, 30mins is standard, it is the most common, it gives people just enough time to eat, it's a "meal break." I also did specify "where I worked," I never said this applied everywhere. However, 1hr is actually pretty uncommon, in fact, in most states, they don't even need to give you a meal break. "Fewer than half the states require emp


I worked a data entry job, a human resources position, a basic office/front desk job, and trained new hires for an emergency call center. All had hour long lunches.

Talk to his direct supervisor, the store manager and HR, in that order. It's BS when people think they can get away with that. Even more so when it's a supervisor's pet employee.

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