By fyourlife - / Wednesday 21 October 2009 19:53 / United States
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Im from New Jersey too and I have a good hunch you work at Shop Rite cause thats quite common there. EEEven if not-- you should be aware of all ur stores common procedures (and for the ppl who will yell- Hes probably NEW! Well anyone at a new job should ask all kinds of questions like-- " What happens if they don't have their club card ON them?" Which is something I would ask... because I have.... brain cells? Yeah. Brain cells.


I still don't quite get it. I mean, she offered to tell him get card number so that he can type it into the computer. He thought she wanted to give him her phone number. But why/how would she memorize a shop card number? And some comments above contradict this. I see no other way to interpret this FML but I did have to read it several times and there are comments making no sense out of it and thinking themselves right. Whatever.

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