By ks0300 / Wednesday 24 February 2010 05:47 / United States
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Mhm, I wonder how they got them, wouldn't they need complete control over the son's computer? I'm not a computer person but it seems that this would be hard to do without the son's help


Wouldn't be that difficult. Just a matter of knowing his password. My dad guessed my email password when I was in high school and read my emails.


It depends when it comes to ims. AIM saves it on the computer in a file that clearly visible for anyone to view. Yahoo im you'll need a password. But I think the hubby knew all about it. Perhaps for legal reasons encase a divorce was ever in order. Wtf is wrong with texan mothers and privacy? One day you have a mom digging in their child's garbage and the next you have in-laws with every im and email ever written to their child... I guess three type of people come from texas: steers queers and creepers.. Glad i'm to a Texan

Did she know you were going in there? if so, and the papers were in plain sight, you have every right to confront her. If you were snooping, YDI. Either way, you and hubby need to change your email passwords.


Or just send emails about his mother (with him in on it) to make her feel weird... she can't confront you without telling you she was snooping herself.

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