By whoops - / Wednesday 8 July 2015 16:30 / Taiwan
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  Reayg22  |  1


By  Miss_Whipped  |  41

There's no way you didn't deserve this.

  XxDevilxXGt  |  26

The OP did not deserve it. What else does someone do when faced with a big button that says push with no other information? Clearly the only option is to listen to the button.


Op never said it was red - annoying people

  HighasaCloud  |  46

It sure is funny how mass psychology works. One guy points out a faulty technicality and he is flamed for not "Getting the joke." In other situations, the inverse is true: one guy is flamed for "joking the joke for others to get" and is flamed by everyone who points out a technicality, such as "not red" in this case.

By  swaglesshipster  |  23

I thought panic buttons weren't supposed to make you panic!

  QuaDECH  |  13

Yeah, but it's a button. It's like when there are buttons it is not will it be pushed, but when and by whom. It looks like OP gave in to the temptations.

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