By barface / Wednesday 11 January 2012 02:52 / United States
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Putting you face in the bucket is gross but the idea is kind of funny.

  tw1st3r  |  2

FYL! Give him a taste of his own medicine! You're already puking the living hell and your dad is being an ass... That's gross too:/ I would have puked even more ...:/

Some parents really need to grow up and stop acting stupid and immature...

  Keyman1212  |  14

How one gets a condom in someone's asshole without waking them up is beyond me. Imagine the implications... I think I'm going to throw up in a bucket now ._.

By  braddah112233  |  1

Now thats FUNNY!!!!!

  RedPillSucks  |  31

Yeah BatteryAddict, put a shirt on and stop showing off those abs (you're so gorgeous!)
And xxHodgieLuvs1Dxx, cover up those boobs. This isn't Hooters! (oh! you're fine!)

By  itztrouble94  |  1

lol im srry dats funny shyt...but u definitely did not deserve dat...or did u..either way lmaooo dat shyts funny


Don't worry you guys, I'll use my retard translator. "Laugh out loud, I'm sorry that's funny shit... But you defiantly did not deserve that... Or did you... Either way, laugh my ass off that shit's funny." There. That's better.

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