By NotAnUglyBaby / Tuesday 22 March 2016 22:40 / Mexico - C?rdoba
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  lulinator  |  38

Not all parents think their kids are the cutest. Everyone said my son was beautiful, I thought he looked like an ugly old man for months. My daughter was perfect though. Anxious to see what my third will look like in June in case I need to shop the maternity ward for a better looking one.

By  lahutchins  |  23

All babies are beautiful!!! Those 2 are ugly on the inside!

By  HoboMeth  |  31

Why are you holding a baby alive doll in a blanket?

By  iSativa  |  24

Must be a Tourette's kind of thing and the boy just inherited it.

By  Magnoxidans  |  19

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