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Wow. People can be so obnoxious. So what if you can't lift more weight than someone? I can barely hold 40 pounds.


It's an annoying (yet common) trend in the gyms I've worked out in: there's always at least one guy with an ego inflated like a blimp, in addition to some weird superiority complex. If you're lifting a barbell with three plates per side, they feel the need to lift four, even if they look like they're going to have a hernia. As you said, I definitely find it obnoxious. I just try to ignore them and continue pushing MY limits, not attempting to one-up somebody else. Hopefully the "ego-lifter&


Maybe OP could have taken it as a compliment before he tried to get OP kicked. After that its definitely not a compliment any more

Now how exactly did he expect to get you kicked out for what he did. What could he possibly say that will be logically justify him?

This guy obviously wasn't the smartest one around. Weight lifting can be dangerous and people need to know their limits.


Knowing your limits and pushing yourself just that little bit past them = results! Disregarding your limits entirely to show off and be a macho-man = You're gonna have a bad time.

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