By Niquesha - / Saturday 23 April 2011 23:56 / United States
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thats really creepy. you should get some help.

  BigTitsMckee  |  0

dude Ur fucking stupid ........ drugs are cool nice description dipshit one day Ur gonna get high and go do something stupid ....... and die "sigh" dumbass

By  ChantelRenaeee  |  0

good work on getting out!! woman power!


ehh but im kinda over what bullies say. ive been bullied basically my whole school-life because of my height, looks, etc. so i dont listen to them. tey think they're at the top of the food chain but really, they're way at the bottom.

  ohseriously  |  0

...nobody cares people get bullied all the time.get over it when people get bullied they allow it to happen (unless it's assault) GET OVER IT. stop making it such q big deal.

  Spongii101  |  12

I got locked in a changing room once. I was at a beach and had to get changed into my swimsuit, but the door wouldn't open. I grabbed my bag and clothes (like OP should have done) and crawled under the door... to find a Japanese women staring at me. I ran out of there as fast as I could!

  jess6blondie9  |  2

27 - Sorry, no one cares.

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