By Jay703 / Wednesday 3 August 2016 02:21 / United States - Woodbridge
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By  tayyymeds  |  16

Well on the bright side, at least it didn't come out of the other end too...

By  danielcho7727  |  20

Next time, don't buy mayonnaise!!


How much Mayo do you think people eat, just right out of the jar by the spoonful? It's a condiment only good on certain things, if you don't have too much, it won't hurt you. Everything in moderation.

  Jay703  |  7

hey there 2simz! this is OP, wow didnt think i'd make it to main page! to answer your question, it was kraft mayo w/olive oil, 30 oz bottle. its PLASTIC... but i have ceramic tile floors. Try it if you doubt me. Word to the wise, do it outside. TRUST ME. Plastic condiment lids break into many pieces when dropped on tile.I just wanted to share my misfortune. ☺

  mariri9206  |  32

What about horseradish?

By  montsecc  |  8

You're five years old?lol

By  Malsain_fml  |  10

It could have been worse! As I was reading the fml, I was expecting the dogs to panic and cut themselves several time trying to take of pieces of glass. I'm glad I was wrong, though.


tbh I didn't think they made glass jars of mayonnaise anymore.. just plastic. and I was also thinking how landing on the lid side down might actually prevent it from shattering? maybe? And was this like an economy sized jar of mayonnaise 'sploding on 2 chihuahuas? long story short this FML baffles me.. a lot of them do now that I think about it...

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