By emmey - / Thursday 23 July 2009 19:43 / United States
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By  xxXChiiXxx  |  2

Why is it so hard to believe that you can be allergic to spider/ spider venom. People are allergic to bees, right? It's pretty much the same thing. Jeez, people. RME.

By  ilovefml_ra  |  0

FIRST!!!!!!! oh and ouchhh thats must hurtt

  Twinklestar  |  0

You can't be allergic to spiders or their bites. -_- YDI for being scared of spiders, you whore.

  FireFlie07  |  20

That's way too broad to actually have a valid allergy to. Just say you have arachnophobia. Because there is no way you can have an allergy to the more than 10,000 species of spiders on the planet. You'd be dead by now.

  sherryterry3  |  0

Um. I'm pretty sure no one can really be allergic to spiders. I mean when you get bit by ANYTHING, even a mosquito, you get a red mark and sometimes a rash. Is that an allergic reaction too? If it were because of that then hell, I'm allergic to every bug in the world!!!!! She's clearly scared shitless of spiders. If she said that then it would be more understandable. Other than that FYL for falling and breaking yourself that bad... but YDI for lying.

  Shadic  |  0

Actually, you can be. I'm allergic to just about any type of insect/bug bite/sting. Spiders/mosquitoes/bees, etc. I'll swell up about 2-3x more than a "normal" person would, and the swelling will last for up to two weeks. First time I was bit by a horse fly, I was taken to a hospital.


How can people ACTUALLY dispute that some people are just allergic to certain insect bites Alright, I'll accept that it's impossible for the OP to be allergic to ALL spiders, but she probably knows he's allergic to few, and is just taking precautions by running away screaming from every spider she sees EIther that or she has arachnophobia, and doesn't want to admit it

  cheerXtreme13  |  0

hey assholes, people can be allergic to spiders. i am. if i get bit, i get red lines spreading from the bite & it swells up. its like being allergic to bees. so dont say shes an idiot for thinking shes allergic to spiders. youre just making urself look dumb.

  picturescrazy  |  24

I'm allergic to a certain type of spider bite that is normally harmless. First time was my hand, and my arm & wrist nearly double in size. Second time was my calf, and that too swelled up huge. Both times experienced severe throbbing pain & had to keep the extremity elevated. I thought it was a poisonous bite at first, & went to the doctor both times to be sure... nope, just an allergic reaction!

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

Hey for all you know they COULD be serving them Dun dun dun But I'm pretty sure you can maybe be allergic to a certain kind of spider venom. Maybe. It's truly more likely she was just scared of spiders, though. Completely lame, it's not like spiders go headcrab on people....

  Amethyst_fml  |  0

I like them fried and smothered in chocolate, I can get them like that at my local mall! Not joking, I don't know if you are, bit I'm really not joking. There's a candy shop in my mall that sells them I'm little ugly red boxes with plastic windows to see what's inside. And they come in different flavours.

By  xxXChiiXxx  |  2

Why is it so hard to believe that you can be allergic to spider/ spider venom. People are allergic to bees, right? It's pretty much the same thing. Jeez, people. RME.

By  examancer  |  0

YDI for making up a fake allergy! You are belittling the plights of those with real allergies

By  Violet_Illuser  |  0

I'm not seeing how it's entirely impossible to be allergic to spiders. My aunt recently went to a doctor to get tested for various allergies and she found out she is allergic to cockroaches (specifically their droppings).

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