By Anonymous / Thursday 30 July 2015 06:56 / Australia
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By  axfabxdisaster  |  25

Ruin her next date by coming with your own date to the same place. She should've warned you before going off with someone else

By  JustIvan  |  9

Tell her "goodbye" and turn it into you leaving without her

  semitoundboss  |  4

I don't know why you got down voted. That was pure gold.

By  mattzawesome  |  28

My family ditches me all the time in shopping malls, stores, pools anywhere really... Just find something to do. Not really an FML, except for the waste of your time.

By  emmusj  |  14

That stinks, OP. How'd you find out that it was a date anyway?

By  Alicimo  |  11

Aw! I'm sorry OP, but your sisters game must be pretty strong for that to happen so quickly x

  Patriots21  |  14

Well the comments suck, and have sucked recently. I miss the days when people had clever comments and funny ones vs all this "sorry OP" or "that sucks lol" comments.

By  tintarroja  |  29

Be happy for her and ask her next time to tell you her change of plans. Siblings have to be united always!

  littlekellilee  |  44

I'd be happy for my sister getting a date! I totally agree, the bond of siblings is like no other. My brother is my best friend, I'm the best woman in his wedding, and I'd have been thrilled for him!

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