By W1D0 / Saturday 20 August 2011 06:23 / United States
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By  SunnyUserName123  |  5

Do something to set off her airbag


If they were to crash and her airbag weren't on, that could be just as bad.

  MichellinMan  |  20

Kill her husband and all who she loves but you. Then lock her in that car, and burn it. Wait till it blows up. No guts, no glory.

  MichellinMan  |  20

31-yea and I hope theres a place where people can learn sarcasm. You should find one ASAP.

  humorizer  |  14

"But mom! I'm telling you, there's no way one could turn off airbags!" "Listen, daughter. I'm telling you it's possible. They've implemented ways to do it." "I HATE YOU MOM! WHY DO YOU ALWAYS BELIEVE IN SUPERSTITIOUS STUFF?!" "Daughter! LISTEN TO ME! It's NOT superstition! It's possible! Do you want me to show you?" "PROVE IT, THEN!" (Pulls over, turns off passenger side airbag)

  Marcella1016  |  26

Turning off the airbags and not wearing a seatbelt can kill you just as easily as flying through a windshield.

  Driveshaft  |  5

Bwahaha, I love your mom! But still fyl

By  swendling12  |  2

Your mom is awesome.

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