FML - The follow-up
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I wish I wore my sky blue Wii boxers for that momentous occasion, then. I am filled with regret.
By TheNewGuy03 - / Thursday 17 September 2015 15:40 / Korea, Republic of - Seoul
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It's the misspelt word for a hillbilly's Mother. For example: "Ma, Billy-Jean done took the shotgun again!" Oh, and it's also a great gaping cavernous mouth. Definitely wouldn't want that anywhere near my private area, that's for sure.


im all for learning words and terms you dont know, but please this is the internet just look it up, because I personally (refering to a different comment on a different fml) dont want to explain what a STD is again.


anyone who needs explained what an std is clearly needs it via the fact they're idiots and don't yet know. and to be fair, googling stds can be a scarry practice. there are some things you just don't Google because the result is just so horrifying....like a certain color of waffle. don't Google that shit

Hey, it happens, as long as you weren't wearing super bright cartoon boxers or briefs, or heaven forbid, going cammando, just laugh it off, no one will remember but you. :-D

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