By AAA guy / Wednesday 4 February 2015 16:02 / United States
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By  ELoni_fml  |  25

Then you know how to fix it ^^

  wildgenius  |  13

It stands for "Triple A"


Haha! Of course it stands for triple A. I think anybody could decider that. Anyway, to ACTUALLY answer your question, it's a company that you can have insurance with so whenever you have a problem(ex. locking keys in car, battery dead, flat tire) they will come to your rescue.

By  False_Stupidity  |  41

Strong with this one, the irony is.

Live this down, you won't for forever will this haunt you.


Today, as a reward for finishing all my work in maths, I was told I could leave early. Apparently, later on, the class had a random attendance inspection. I didn't know about this until I received a detention for not being present at that class. My teacher had completely forgotten about me. FML

By lizzie57 - / Friday 13 February 2015 12:09 / United Kingdom

Today, my alarm clock, which was set to play a certain radio station didn't go off. Turns out, yesterday was their 10th anniversary and also the end of their station. I didn't wake up to the white noise until 9. The interview I had spent 3 months preparing for was at 7. FML

By pohoon - / Wednesday 9 March 2016 19:40 / United States
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