By snoozlagist - / Saturday 30 October 2010 04:52 / United States
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  ChrisSG  |  0

ydi for punching a girl.. shame on you, OP

  suppressed08  |  2

(my first comment hasn't appeared..) Why is it a YDI because he hit a girl? 'Yeah, so he woke up and punched this guy in the face, but it's ok because most guys can take it.' Are you mental? It's not alright if anyone gets hit, not just girls.

By  scooter69  |  0

damn girl!! those are some crazy reflexes lol

By  dragonaair  |  5

Falling asleep, on the bus? Wow...

  sipher16  |  0

pdsd I've seen guys come out of sleep brandishing knives. one of my buddies tried to strangle me when I woke him up screaming "who sent you!?!?" we laugh about it now but it was purely a reflex.

  MzKitty83  |  0

my husband has woken up grabbing my arm and shaking me, or he hops up sure he's late for work, one time he even was kicking me and trying to choke me, all after he deployed but those are NOT normal responses for non marines. so op u probably should look into some therapy for your unnatural fight over flight reflex


Today, I was stuck in heavy traffic. Bored, I looked to my left and noticed someone who seemed to be asleep at the wheel. After staring for a bit, wondering how people can be so negligent, I ended up hitting the car in front of me. FML

By 2013bchan41 - / Saturday 19 July 2014 02:22 / United States - Elmont
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