By Anonymous - / Sunday 12 August 2012 23:08 / United States - Saddle Brook
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By  CALLAHAN4  |  0

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  doctorhook86  |  24

Take heart, OP: almost none of those sperm were likely to become real children, even if you had managed to inseminate the first fifty women you encountered that day.

  _Oblivion_  |  12

I swear some of these bikers ride as if there's a fucking stick up their ass, riding all over the road. Theres a space on the other side of the white line, you're a hazard if you're dicking around in the lane. And no, I'm not generalizing all the bikers, some are good and some make me want to lodge my passanger door up their asses when going by.

  nickownes1  |  3

He's referring to the fml that someone posted I think yesterday or the day before of the guy who got slapped by a cyclist that ended up crashing and threatening to sue him.

  Inheritance  |  10

Only one fertilizes an egg unless you get lucky and get like twins or triplets, etc. So you honestly don't need all 1,000,000+ to make potential children; considering you'll have more mature sperm cells in 60 days time. Unless within this accident you ended up blowing your nuts, then well, yeah..

  Inheritance  |  10

I know one does, I'm saying more than one egg can be fertilized by a single sperm cell like; 1-1 1-1 1-1 get what I'm saying? As in special cases with twins.

  shannonreneee  |  11

I've read that it takes around 1000 to break through the "egg" wall. The sperm have enzymes in their head but not enough to break through alone. Basically around 999 help one guy to get through. Poor OP, but don't worry, you'll make sperm until you die.

  onlychildFTW  |  33

I'm wondering what's the "business end" of a bike? But that does suck OP. my nuts have never been hit but it sounds painful from what everyone tells me. Feel better soon! And I hope you can still have kids.

Maybe I should wear my jockstrap and cup everywhere?

  gc327072  |  29

Ahh, sometimes it's good to be handicapped. The empty weight of my powerchair is over 300 pounds, so if a bike hit me, I ain't movin, HE is! (drives away laughing)

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