By halfie - / Saturday 26 September 2015 05:06 / United States - Pigeon Forge
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By  rshweky  |  17

Actions speak louder than words

  Le_ponderer  |  14

I think #1 meant if OP had just ordered the spicy meal without the braggart statement; he would have made a better impression when he pushed his plate away and looked at her with "save me" eyes

  Le_ponderer  |  14

Honestly, if someone ate spicy food while dining with me I would be more worried about them passing nuclear-level gas. Ditto for burps. Long story short; I would not go near any of their holes!

  MrsPegg  |  45

Haha yep! What I would find impressive on a dinner date, is someone who can educate me about and introduce me to new foods. Now THAT is a turn on!

  9a_1z  |  12

I read somewhere that people's tolerance of spicy foods is proportional to their testosterone levels. However you can't somehow up your testosterone levels by forcing down food that is too hot for you.

  coatl45  |  11

In Louisiana, half our foods are spicy, and I love it, but I can only take Mexican style spicy food, from Tex-Mex restaurants and the like. Tabasco sauce from my own state I can't stand. Something about the scent of it is a major turn off for me. I've caught a lot of hell because of that growing up.

  VeganVampyre  |  26

Maybe they thought they'd be able to keep a straight face and fake it, even if their mouth was burning. I still don't know why they thought that would be so impressive though...

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