By legwarmer - / Friday 31 December 2011 19:21 / United States
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Somehow, I don't remember men always being perverted pricks like this. I'm sorry the mood was ruined for you, darling.


Well, his picture and name is a character from Pokemon. That character tends to say darling a lot too. So, he's probably imitating or he has a similar personality to Miror B.


im sick of men growing up and being douchebags that say fuck in every sentence. what happened to manners in front of a lady and clean mouths seriouly it sucks lol.


Ashley, Don't place all the blame on men. There are a whole lot of women that aren't ladies. These 'girls' go around cussing all the time to show that they are empowered.

But then if she died with cum in her mouth, OP's bf might be charged with murder or at least necrophelia. Not a good situation.

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