By Malakai / Wednesday 2 February 2011 05:57 / United States
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  Bludmagnus  |  13

Ladies and gentlemen..... you have just shown how Jackass has made every one of you a bunch of blithering brain cramps. And your parents have every right in the world NOW to whip your asses till you cannot sit down.

  sens3sfailing  |  24

I hate how people think because they are older they know better. Your generation created the three stooges... Most famous slapstick comedy ever. You are proof of the older generations arrogance and hypocracy and I should have the right to whip your stupid, arrogant ASS!


Today, as I was picking up my 5-year-old brother from school, he hugged a girl from his class to say goodbye. His classmate's mom and I looked at each other, thinking it was adorable, until my brother decided to dry hump the side of his classmate's thigh. FML

By TheKingKen - / Wednesday 2 July 2014 00:33 / Australia - Perth
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