By Anonymous / Sunday 4 December 2011 13:01 / United States
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You seem awfully jealous of my success... It probably comes from the way your parents treated you. Your brother Jacob always was first. He started in football, got the girls, and naturally your parents loved him instead of you. This abuse from a young age forced you into a life of arguing with obvious trolls on fml. Sorry....

  Meowingtons500  |  18

One step two step three step, four
Pillow pets pillow pets, your boyfriend adores
Raping unicorns; stop with the hate
Lend an arm, before the unicorns fly back to the barn!
And yes, this took me ten minutes to write. :)

  Liimitless  |  6


  teague95  |  16

Grammar nazis are only good for 1 thing. Failing

  SillyFart  |  7

How do we fail.. We correct people's mistakes.


I thought girls liked it harder and faster. You're lucky you have sex.

  morgan320  |  0

Pillowpet pillowpet, with a horn,
Flies around raping newborn,
Up and down, even sideways,
Used and tired the newborn lays,
The horn of the unicorn very dirty,
I'm off guys, goodnight, derpy.

  ninjacutie  |  6

I'm 14 I have a pillow pet… but it's the lady bug one not the unicorn so I'm safe right guys? Anyway I think OP is freaking amazing for having a pillow pet I should make a club for all the cool kids who aren't like… children… that have pillow pets >.< hell my boyfriend has a pillow pet… oh dear god I hope he's not gay… WHERE AM I GOING WITH THIS?

  free2speak  |  14

dammit iPhone, irony!!! not Irving. Anyway, I just cited my opinion. I think they are childish to have after a certain age. I have old stuffed animals (4) from my past that have sentimental value and that's why I keep them around and I'll admit I love playing with my little sister's barbies and stuffed animals with them, but I would never own one. I'm also 21 so that may be why. I don't see a problem with it if you're 14/16 but after that age it's a little weird.

By  mozeltov  |  7

Is It just me or did that make no sense whatsoever

  flockz  |  19

first time i read it i imagined op's boyfriend as pedobear, especially when he said "children don't have sex like this." then he added on to the description.

  CityCunt  |  0

It didn't make any sense. She is bitching about his actions being "childish" yet she is the one that still keeps a stuffed animal around. Fucking hypocrites these days...

  signuplogin  |  1

Did anybody notice that she told hi to stop being childish yet she is the one with the unicorn pillow pet... I know alot of adults have them but if she has a childs toy around them she shouldn't say that

By  Wheredidgrungego  |  12

Sex with animals is both illegal and wrong. Ever seen 2 guys 1 horse?

By  EddiE_CN  |  8

Op's boyfriend is.......a keeper

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