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Remind him that his mom living with you guys means no random blow jobs in the kitchen. That should set him straight.


Say to him "mum or me". If he chooses his mum, kick him in the balls (trust me it's the worst pain a guy can feel).


RE: "Well, what's the worst that could happen?" Famous last words! The worst I can think of is a drunken unintentional threesome. I guess non-drunken would be worse...


Well if she doesn't move in... Who's going to cut the crust off the sandwiches!?! Who's going to clean and put hot pockets in the microwave while he's playing Metroid on his super nintendo!?! Yeah get her on the lease now


I feel like that's the reason you move out of the house, to get away from your parents and rules. That's just asking for arguments and you won't have any privacy so what would be the point might as well stay at home and help with bills.


Don't let him talk you into this! The last thing you need is dealing with the in-laws 24/7. Might as well get married in that case. =|

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If your mom wasn't 100% all about raising you for the first 18 years and then some, then I feel sorry for YOU my friend.

Yeah... That's probably about the time I'd inform his mother that I have 5 dogs, 2 cats and a parrot, but she's welcome to move in too!XD

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