By Anonymous / Friday 25 December 2015 17:08 / United States - San Francisco
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By  spicyburrito  |  18

Should have gotten his digits. He might have been rich

  tarlax  |  11

His left testicle/teste/ball/gonad/bollock/nard/cojone/jingle bell/marble/teabag/plum/love spud/all-seeing-eye/hard boiled egg/goolie/chestnut/bojangle/Olpally/etc.


Today, a coworker accidentally drank my coffee and made me more in an identical mug, placing it back like nothing happened. Thanks to all the sucralose in the not-my-soy creamer she used, I'm still on the can. It's midnight. FML

By boopingsnoot - / Monday 4 December 2017 19:42 /
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