By wickedbeauty333 - / Wednesday 26 September 2012 22:54 / United States
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I read this comment while in a quiet library and had the biggest LOL in history. Now people are staring at me

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I didn't hit skins until I was 24. Never too late, I suppose. I would begin to be concerned if 4 was past 40.

I am 1000% going to do this to my girlfriend. I already make Wookiee noises constantly, so this will just make everything perfect. It helps that she's a Trekkie ;)


Yes they are, but that doesn't mean someone can only like one or the other. They are both science fiction.

Am I the only one picturing Womb Wars? Personally I think that's hilarious and I have heard of much worse to be said when ejaculating..... Like another woman's name js

Having a Star Wars addicted boyfriend is not a bad thing at all! You should appreciate it. And if you have never done it, watch the entire saga

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