By my honest father / Wednesday 10 July 2013 16:33 / United States - Kansas City
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  Ambient25  |  24

That doesn't make sense...go sit in the corner.

  NoFlippinWai  |  24

I now live on the apartment I was conceived in. They were watching Purple Rain. My dad's words "Well, I was horny and you know how easily suggestable your mother is." Mom's version: I forgot to wear panties and I sat on a bar stool. You're imaculate. Your Sister, well, thats God's will. I would never do anythimg like that. I'm a virgin.


Sure. It's Quack. Let's go with that. I'm a undercover duck. Sssssssssssshhhhhh.

  Wowxoxo  |  17

It doesn't necessarily have to hurt.. OP could've asked if they are now happy the condom broke and if he made a positive difference to their lives.

  iiTzNeeNerz  |  26

When did I say he was first? I said he was fast. But you and #60 should get together and enlighten everyone else on the basics of reproduction since it seems that you two are the only ones educated on the subject :)

By  thatnucca  |  36

God deemed you worth-having and that's all that matters, regardless of what that human toothpick says...

  FlyingLeumer  |  19

Ok, I realize people on FML are extremely varied in religion, but I hope we all agree life is a blessing, whether that blessing may be in disguise at the time. Thanks for cuing me ;)

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