By dating walter white's gf apparently - / Saturday 6 April 2013 19:13 / United Kingdom
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By  cats400  |  16

She's the bitch...

By  cats400  |  16

She's the bitch...

  Bakarra  |  22

1. Grasp firmly onto hair
2. Prepare grasped arm for strenuous event
3. Pull hair with great force until removed from head
4. ??????????????
5. Profit!


I'm not sure how you'd profit, unless it's a celebrity and then you can put it on Ebay.

  AngrySailor  |  17

4: sell to "human hair butt plug" manufacturer.

  kyu_Q  |  19

Some people have no control over what they do during an orgasm. Ever looked at the persons face having one? It usually not a pretty sight. Satasifing, but not pretty.

By  CreepInTheCorner  |  11

Ouch. Sorry, dude. She was probably too embarrassed to apologize.

  FightMyLiger  |  19

#5 is right, women can be very vulnerable after an orgasm. Especially if this is the first one they have 'shared' with their partner.

Take the pain, bitch. That's for doing it wrong for so long.

By  hryffff  |  11

Wow, I hope your okay.....

By  FMLJFL  |  5

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By  lazyasn  |  5

Cut her hair short in her sleep

By  zandalee  |  19

What the fuck? She sounds lovely. Not!
That is so rude!

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