By Anonymous - / Sunday 13 September 2015 13:21 / United Kingdom
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Both assholes. Sorry you have a lot of stuff going on that's making you cry look for somebody better though who can support you through those times

People who feel the need to put down others to make themselves look better are the ugliest people of all, OP. I hope things get better for you soon.


I agree. They're disgusting. I can't ever imagine laughing at somebody who is crying, it just doesn't feel right, and there's nothing funny about it.


It depends on the circumstances, i.e. if they killed your family and you cut off their dick and they're crying from pain, feel free to laugh; if you're laughing at some random person crying in the cafeteria, than you deserve nothing more than hell

Talk to someone at uni OP. The student support teams can be really helpful if you are feeling stressed out! It gets better, keep going :)

Anyone who treats you like that is not worth having feelings for. Don't let them get you down, OP. I'm sure you're beautiful inside and out.

Who the hell is that mean and immature in college? Don't mind them, OP! In the meantime is there counseling you can go to help with the crap going on?

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