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  zakkyzebra  |  11

I don't think it was the fly that made you a bad driver. Ahhhhh. Sexist jokes. But no seriously. I don't think it went up your nose and controlled you to crash.

  iBanana  |  17

Yeah they're ridiculously annoying and carry countless diseases, but; without flies, the world would be littered un-decayed bodies of dead things.

  FYLDeep  |  25

What about cancer? Or AIDS? Or ALS? Or, if you meant only insects, what about wasps? Or black widow spiders? Either way, I think you may have jumped the gun.


Today, I was using a public restroom. After about a minute of me being in there, a little girl came in and started pounding on the door, screaming that she had to go. My pregnancy hormones are so bad that I almost burst into tears. FML

By LissaMccracken - / Saturday 19 July 2014 01:04 / United States - Bentonville

Today, I went directly from the shopping mall to the hospital. My sister had slammed my hand in the car door, all because I considered purchasing a dress that looked like something she might buy for herself. FML

By vicious_fashion - / Tuesday 12 August 2014 05:34 / United States - Meridian
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