By hahatofunny / Tuesday 13 September 2016 19:54 / United States - Pensacola
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By  GrinchFu1  |  27

Is there a gym where people can go to work on their tact? No? There should be. Dodged a bullet on that one though... Shallow people will nitpick you to the point where you actually believe there's something wrong with yourself. You're good. Screw her.

By  FMLUser404  |  4

Sounds like a bit of a prick, but she also was saying that she didnt find you attractive. so im split 50/50

By  StormfrontX33_fml  |  24

He should have nut up or shut up. Some people should just say no and not volunteer unsolicited criticisms.

By  PaolaBlack  |  7

I completely understand if she didn't find you attractive, but there's no need to be rude.

You can always work on your biceps, but even then you don't have to modify your body to impress anyone but yourself.

You'll find the girl that will see past that type of things. (:

By  RichardPencil  |  25

As she walked away, you shoulda said, "Maybe so, but you've never seen a tumor bigger than my penis!"

When all is lost, a Hail Mary like that just might work!

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