By Anonymous / Monday 29 August 2011 05:15 / United States
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Unicorns chose not to take the high ground in Noah's ark and look where they are today.


Well since they don't even know u, his sister must have been the one who's talking about u to ppl. I wouldn't hang out with her if she's 2-faced. But I agree, how u reacted could make her friends feel stupid about what they said.


10 there actually were unicorns on the Ark (look at my pic). Poachers just hunted them to near extinction for their horns way back when so there are very few left.


Or... She can just take this as an opportunity and act like the crazy bitch he claims that she is. Hell, she can go over to his uncle and tell him that, "she can't wait to get home tonight and make love.", and get away with it.

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That's always fun! I try to think of as many unique ways as possible to be deemed "crazy" by others. I haven't even had to kill anyone yet.

well that's just great. Now you can do whatever you want and people will just attribute it to your craziness! now there doesn't have to be that awkward moment since they all have a preset expectation of you

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