By brittney242 / Saturday 17 December 2016 10:03 / United States - Stow
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By  Mauskau  |  35

That's so gross. Do they offer any sort of compensation for stuff like that? You could get ill from having someone sick on you. I don't go to night clubs for reasons like this so I wouldn't know.

  Lalala579121  |  27

I'm pretty sure being vomited on from V.I.P.s is a rare enough occurrence that it's not a very valid reason to avoid night clubs. But I don't go to night clubs so I wouldn't know.

  Mauskau  |  35

I was referring to either the club or the person that was sick. If they're in a VIP area they must have money to pay OP to clean their clothing. I know I would offer money if I did anything like that to someone.


not to defend the somewhat odd comment too much, but there are diseases and viruses that are spread by bodily fluids and that does not always mean just blood... I doubt someone in a VIP section of a nightclub would have such am illness though unless they were perhaps altruistic (outside) of clubs and volunteered in some unsanitary places without probably using gloves and so on to prevent an infection of any sort... Not saying rich people are immune to viruses and disease though admirable much as their privileges allows them to be somewhat sheltered.. at least typically that is the case.

By  cootiequeen4444  |  11

I once had to pay a lot of money to go to a club on NYE (well if I wanted to be with my friends) and it was so crowed you had to swim through people and it was impossible to not rub against people just walking and it let to lots of unsolicited groping which only added to my mounting anxiety, fuck, it was so bad people were hanging out on the stairs. And also yes, there were VIP areas that were visible to us lowly general club area goers where they could having breathing room AND they had food. which the general area did not. so seeing people having fun while being claustrophobic and miserable sucked. We left and went to a bar instead. Was MUCH better... I have not been in a club since.. bitter about that experience (in my defense imagine how screwed we would have been if there was a fire).. BUT if you MUST go to a club. Don't go on an event or holiday or even near a holiday like when the of age college kids/grad students are less busy and able to club.. the less people, the better. And even on a Wednesday in February (not v-day week) with no ongoing club event, it's STILL pretty crowded and miserable and you can't really talk... I personally don't get the appeal barring of you really REALLY like dancing and don't mind random people maybe grinding on you or bothering you... Though honestly I think of someone puked on me that would take the cake of worst club experience as I have a weird anxiety thing when people or myself pile so not only would this probably cause me to puke but I'd probably have a huge anxiety attack... in public ... which would only make it worse! If I managed any courage though I'd use it to hunt the drunk guy down and knee him in the 'nads. I know I wouldn't get any help the club aside from verbal sympathy so I would care if resulted in a club ban or whatever. I'd never come back anyways. And.i doubt I'd get arrested because I gave a drunk guy who puked on me a single blow, no matter how sensitive the area might be... A seriously drunk person on the loose is more potentially hazardous that a girl who was simply pissed some asshole blew chunks all over her.

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