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  molliekatz  |  6

I own a shirt (from my pregnant days) that says "I'm making a baby, what are you contributing to society?" I mean when the end comes everyone has to have a skill to stay alive....I make beautiful babies....this bitch can use a "selfie stick" POINT MOMMA

  okaydisarray  |  17

Not sure why this is getting thumbed down. Younger users tend to friend anyone, meaning they could have many people who "Like" anything that comes up on their feed while older users' friends lists tend to be much smaller, usually consisting of family and friends. If this is the case, then it makes sense that the little girl would have gotten more likes. OP shouldn't feel bad about it at all. Congrats on your pregnancy!

By  ragnarok1540  |  34

Hey, OP, post a picture of yourself smacking the shit out of her ... I would like that post! On a serious note, that is actually a good thing. Now the whole family knows that your sister-in-law is vain and self-absorbed. She is just jealous that she is not the center of attention.

By  Earths_Venus  |  25

Quality over quantity. You know the people who will be there to help you when you need it, but I can guarantee you that if she needed help her "likers" would abandon her in a heartbeat.

By  monkyvirus  |  12

From your post I assume you're a bit older than your sister-in-law and she's clearly just being immature. She also did a great job of announcing how immature/self-centered she is to your whole family. I'd rise above it: she'll look back one day and cringe at this moment!

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