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YTotallyDI #1 - you smoke, which is a disgusting habit. #2 - you were littering. so many people think that tossing a cigarette on the ground is completeley different than littering, and is completely harmless. it's not. most of you would toss a wrappers and other garbage out your window, so why would you toss a cigarette butt. disgraceful.


#71 Littering aside, you can't say YDI because OP smokes. It's a bad habit, yes, but it's also very hard to break. Perhaps OP doesn't like smoking, has even attempted to quit, but is too addicted.


82 they stopped putting ashtrays in cars a long time ago, and the butts are biodegradable so it's not like they will be there forever


So are paper napkins but you don't throw those on the ground, also paper napkins don't start 90% of all highway and Forrest fires( cigarette butts do)

imagine if it had burned you alive. That is how people in bushfires feel when idiots throw cigarettes out of the windows of cars and then their homes and/or lives are destroyed. no sympathies from oz.


I can agree with this! There's too many people throwing cigarettes out the window and causing fires. Especially in summer when everything's dry. No sympathy from me either. YDI

maybe quit smoking? alas, that wouldnt make for a very good FML would it? "I've been smoking for 20 years. Who knew that I could get lunch cancer?! FML" sounds better than "Wow what am I going to do with the extra 5 grand per year and longer lifespan now that I quit smoking? FML"

After the recent fires here that killed over 200 people, I'd say the chances of you getting any sympathy are pretty much nil.

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