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"What is yesterday, but the previous day's tomorrow?" Or, for the more poorly-read among us: "Yesterday was just the day before yesterday's tomorrow." There ya go. ;) It's a rhetorical question, y'all, demonstrating the subjectiveness of terms like "yesterday" and "tomorrow."


... "What is today but yesterday's tomorrow?" is easier to understand, and frankly, is a little more practical of a phrase.

shity. but seriously check the date on the ticket next time. or put it on a calendar or in your phone or something to help you remember next time


notice the posters name: 10/09/10. American Date= 9th of October Civilised World= 10th of September wait. I thought I was onto something. nevermind


wow your great great great great grandfather was Mussolini. must make history class interesting. cool deal!

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