By karl / Saturday 10 January 2009 06:50 / Ireland
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  Nicksaysheyyy  |  0

fucking pothead shitface!! fuck you


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  UnluckyChicka  |  0

39- why the hell r u defending them? r u one them retards? god, sometimes I wonder about the world today

  shyeahh_fml  |  19

In my opinion, pot isn't good or bad. It doesn't kill like a lot of people think, but in my opinion it isn't a good thing to be involved in. Everyone has different ways of passing time or handling stress or whatever other reasons people use pot. I just choose not to. We shouldn't hate on everyone that is different than us, it won't change them.

  Synistiel  |  14

Sometimes I wonder why they legalize alcohol and not weed. I don't think I've ever heard of people dying from weed at all, whereas alcohol, numerous cases.

By  xXNancyXx  |  0

I feel your pain.
I was walkin past the pig pen the other day in kinda skanky clothes, and a cop asked me if i was a hooker.
luckily, he took my word for it that i wasnt :P

  demonBAAL  |  4

You're happy he took your word for it because you're actually a hooker right? And if you're wearing skanky enough clothing to get asked that, MAYBE you should dress less skanky. Seems like that would be a good life choice.

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