By dan / Saturday 19 November 2011 04:54 / Reserved
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  sexaaydino  |  14

That's not nice :(

By  yeezheng  |  6

It's alright . Everyone makes this kinda mistake once in a while. Just ytd I facepalm into a glass door at a crowded mall. Don't sweat it! Everyone have their embarrassing moment now and then :)

By  RawrNom  |  0

just pretend you were practicing, then when you go home, just say - Hey, mom... I crossed the finish line first! and when she asks - so you won?!, just be like - well I crossed the line first.. what do you think? lol... Op, I've done something similar don't worry ><

By  IKickPuppiesHard  |  16

Rage quit racing again now that you've won. Now that your a winner i suggest you go off and grab a hot girl of your choosing and have her feed you grapes.....or weightloss pills. Which ever you prefer.

  MagicallyFat  |  12

It's very messed up. Who kicks puppies??

It's more of a punting motion… LACES UP!

By  robertlovespi  |  3

Darn and just when your chubby cheeks thought you were gonna get all the ladies.

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