By Dor51 - / Sunday 27 October 2013 19:52 / United States - Tacoma
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  primadonna9396  |  16

I think the worst part is that we live in the information age. I just google image'd 'candida' and got about 30 pages worth of infected scrotums. DON'T DO THIS TO YOUR CHILD

  happyfingers  |  15

I was tempted to google it but figured I'd check the comments first since someone else probably already googled it and might've said something... Thanks for the warning. Now to see if I can get my boyfriend to look it up instead! :D lol

Also, HOLY CRAP, I'm 69! 8D


Now I don't want to be rude or anything, but these parents are just asking to be hit. There hasn't been a baby name this bad since the time Mr. West named his kid North, or when the Egyptian called his kid Facebook. Next thing you know, you'll have a whole generation of kids with punny names relating to sex, Internet and weird fungus'.


I actually like some of the celebrity baby names people consider stupid. I don't understand why they would catch over a name like North or Ace... then again I'm a very weird person.

  primadonna9396  |  16

I see nothing wrong with Dorothy except the aforementioned Wizard of Oz bullshit (seriously, OP if you're reading this I'm curious to know if you constantly have every idiot you meet say "we're not in Kansas anymore" and guffaw like they're the first ones to think of it).

Candida, though? That's like an urban legend come to life. I'd honestly rather be called Jermajesty.

  ElizabethNL93  |  20

I was also thinking Candy. I know it's a stretch, but I would even prefer Cindy or something like that. Hell, even something like Dia. ANYTHING! OP, show your parents how the FML community has responded, maybe then they could at least begin to see the error in their way of thinking.

By  zeldagirl77  |  7

You don't need friends!! *forever alone*

By  LukeE45  |  10

at least they didn't name her apple or siri!

  TheBrochure  |  22

#45 - While that is true, #36 also has something true, as one with Candida Syndrome is prone to easily developing a yeast infection, though they may not have an infection at the time.

  addioty  |  19

I know a girl named La-a (pronounced luh-dash-uh). She truly hates it. Why do parents name their children stuff like that? I mean my name's Addison but it's not that crazy.

By  trolled11  |  8

they say bulling is the bullys fault...

  Tyler008  |  12

Although you can't blame only one person alone, clearly some of the responsibility is on the parents. Quite a big problem is the parents maturity.

  tjw1616  |  21

sounds like her mom is pretty healthly & has never had any reason to know anything about the subject, until recently I didn't even know what a yeast infection was until my curiousity from commercials wore me down, however I do see your point, if I was naming my child, I'd most definitely do my research

  DracoSpirita  |  21

10 - My friend's mom is a doctor. She told us a story once about how a woman came into her practice with her two children, whose names were Chlamydia and Gonnorhea (or however you spell that one nasty std). My friend's mom asked the woman if she had any idea what those names meant, and the woman replied, "No, I just thought they were pretty."

Moral of the story? People can be really stupid sometimes.

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