By Anonymous / Sunday 5 October 2014 17:29 / United States - Kent
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I assumed it was $50 worth of high quality chocolate, but still that's too much to spend on any chocolate in any circumstance, in my opinion, let alone for someone you're not even dating!


Agreed. I think if I was just chatting to a guy and he bought me THAT much chocolate I'd be kind of creeped out. Not a dealbreaker, but my initial impression would be 'way more into me than I'm into him, possibly obsessive/clingy'.


I agree. $50 bucks on chocolate is a lot of money to spend in any situation but especially someone you're not even dating. Take it slow because she may find you too pushy and moving too fast if she doesn't have feelings for you yet, and it may be over before its begun.

If she's still hungover by her past then there's no reason for you to stay or try to make a relationship. You'll find someone new to give that much chocolate to and I'm sure she'll love it.


I see what you're saying, but I think it's still worth trying to be her friend. Everybody could use another friend and if you're friends there's always the possibility of the relationship growing into something else later on.

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