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is it hard wired into a main system? this happened when I was in high school. we had a roof leak that made the smoke detector malfunction and called 911... very hard to explain to my mum why we had two fire trucks and police in the driveway when she got home from work... if its hard wired, you can change the battery in the main receiver :) if not, mail it as a gift to someone you don't like and get a new one

If it's going off for no reason that's means the battery is dying most likely. I had that happen to me a couple years ago. It was 11PM and I lived in a place with high ceilings. Luckily I lived above a deli who used their ladder to take out the battery so it wouldn't go off all night.

By  kozuu

I had one of those once, the trick to shutting it off is to gently place it on the ground and then stomp it until it looks like someone murdered a small robot.

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