By xX_nsn_Xx - / Friday 3 February 2012 14:47 / United States
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  kjcookie10  |  9

Well maybe now OP the perv will leave you alone. On the other hand though the whole school probably knows now.


I wish FML's OP tell is what happened afterwards haha ????

  BrickWalls  |  2

30 Please crawl in a hole and die.

Thanks, Your best friend.


  Damn_Hippster  |  11

30- English isn't your first language, is it?


^ he's from Texas.........

  soccerluv05  |  0

That's sort've creepy that you know where he lives.....just saying

  imcutefml  |  0

The pay is the smell

  rattusrattus  |  18

Who hires old Pedro to do it. Get a two-for-one with Pedro's hot grandson... mowed lawn and cute butt to oogle! [/perv]

By  ravenxcorvinus  |  9

lmao! oh god, i think i have a tear *wipes corner of eye* anywho OP it could've been worse..

  grahambertus  |  11

If you're gonna complain about peoples problems, dont go on FML. It doesn't matter how much shit has happened to you, some people are just more emotionally affected by smaller things. I know my girlfriend was emotionally affected by my smaller thing...

By  cougarhunter308  |  4

Its sad how lazy that generation is getting

  FiasCudi  |  0

this should have 1 thumb down, but I was on a bus and I hit the wrong button. so... yeah

  1215116a  |  14

It's funny how you assume so quick. So what they're dad mows the (actually) lawn? My dad does, but other than that he is lazy! I don't, but I wash the dishes, sweep, mop, etc. So I'm not lazy for not mowing the law...

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